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We Build Financial Confidence. Together.

From college grads to whole communities, we empower people through curated experiences.

Let’s Be Honest...

For anyone, finances can be intimidating. They are hard to talk about with one another, and our valuable energy gets wasted on worrying over “what-if” scenarios and the fear of making the wrong decisions. We have all been there, but we believe that you don’t have to feel stuck in that mentality.

Your money is a tool. That’s why we love helping people understand their relationship with money and make informed choices for their future.

What We're Here To Do

Unlike financial self-help books, we believe that personal connection is the key to unlocking financial success. Every person has a unique relationship with their money, and the tools they use to improve that relationship should be unique as well.

Business Meeting

Personalize Assessments

We work together to assess your personal goals and unique needs, then help to make independent financial choices.

Audiovisual Conference

Create Effective Learning

Join our financial workshops and online webinars for small groups that foster collaborative learning and shared insights.



Each Other

Through our workshops, we build communities that can act as reliable support systems. 

Our Wealth Mantra

You will have a positive relationship to money and know how to manage it wisely.

Meet your Wealth PCP.

Praise Apampa is a Chief Financial Officer with more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit accounting and finance. He has held positions as Director of Finance and Administration,  Finance Director and Controller positions with various non-profit organizations that support underserved communities experiencing income insecurity and poverty.


In addition to being a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional, Apampa has an MBA in International Business from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University and a BS in International Business from the City University of New York.

When he is not advising non-profit organizations about financial stewardship he works with couples, families, and young adults, working with them on their relationship with money and how to improve communication about money. As your wealth PCP (Primary Care Provider) three lessons Praise would like to teach individuals includes:

  1. Money is a tool - The way you use the tool can determine how the tool works for you.

  2. You can have everything but not at once. 

  3. It is not a crime to want the finer things in life however something’s gotta give. 

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